Friday, 22 October 2010

Hello world!

I am an avid reader of other teachers' blogs. The experience has been both inspiring and terrifying: inspiring because I have learned so much from the generous and open nature of other teachers around the world, and terrifying because I feel I have little to offer in comparison.

So, I have decided to write a blog of my own. If I'm going to eventually teach children to create and maintain their own blogs, what better way than to start my own! I'll use this to record the cpd which I undertake.

I hope that this blog may be of value to you all out there, in the same way as my reading your journeys has been of value to me.


  1. Hi, Karen! Checking out your profile, I notice the love of "anything Russian" in music: can I remind you that Voskresenije will be singing in HT on 4 November?

  2. Hi Christine. You are my first follower and very welcome too.